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Fridays 14:00-19:00
Sat & Public holidays 10:00-17:00


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We are located at 1 Kingfisher Street, Lake Umuzi South Bank, Secunda, Mpumalanga

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Strength training

From calisthenics, weight training to peg board challenges, our gym area has got what you need to meet your gains! Supplement this with the full body workout of climbing and you'll get ripped in no time.

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Climbing in itself offers an exhilarating cardio workout whilst training various muscle groups. Jump on our water rower to get your heart pumping.

Finger strength

Unlock your grip potential by training on your Beastmaker fingerboard. Warm up and recover those sore fingers with our rehabilitation grip trainers. Take it to the next level on our campus board with explosive movements

Release your full potential

Up your mental game

Motor skills

Climbing improves fine motor movements in children as they use hand-eye coordination to grasp handholds and wrap their fingers. Improves gross motor movements as they scale climbing structures and engage their entire bodies.

Problem solving

Climbing provides the playing field to visualize solutions to the challenge at hand. Train your brain to make creative decisions through specific sequences on the wall. This has a positive impact on concentration at work or in school.


It is no secret that climbing requires a tremendous amount of agility, balance and flexibility. Through regular climbing activity, these physical aspects can be boosted in both children and adults.

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